Mar 13, 2011

Unsureness of NARM DISCOS gig on March 20th

I appreciate your regards for the disasters in Japan. I make my best and recover from this situation as soon as possible.

NARM DISCOS has planed to take place its first presenting gig on March 20th at Zone-B, Tokyo, but still some band members playing are unsure of their families and friends safety because of less correspondence signals and other matters. Moreover, lack of electricity and water and huge aftershocks are expected for days from now. I keep talking with the live house and gather more information around us and will let you know what to do at every moment.

Please keep in touch with me about more updates. I hope every single person in devastated areas be fine and found as soon as possible.

If you have any families or friends in Japan and still don't know if they are alright, please use the website here. This may be helpful.

Many thanks,

Kotaro Sakai

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