Jul 26, 2011

VARAUS S.S. New Release PV

DEMERIT / SS20 split 10"MLP (ND09MLP)

split 10"MLP

DEMERIT: Official Website
SS20: Official Website

Here are introductions of who and what they are. Thank you Nevin and Ronny for this great opportunity. I love both bands and the artwork and proud of being a part!


"The cover of the new spilt by Chinese Demerit and German thrashcore outfit SS20 is a throwback to that 1980s nuclear holocaust imagery—toxicity, flames, decay: the stuff of urban nightmares. A bulldozer covers a panel van with toxic ooze and trash; smoke billows in the background. People run for cover.

And like its imagery, this three-song split from Demerit—their first release since 2008—channels bands from the era, including Misfits, Motorhead and Iron Maiden.

The Beijing-based trio have come a long way since 2006—the 1000 BPM street punk microbursts of old have been replaced by increasingly-mature efforts like “Childhood Nightmare,” where a chanting chorus gives way to speed metal harmonizing guitar work before a delicate acoustic outro, accented with shuffling drums and babbling children, cleans the palette—think of it like wine tasting with the Misfits in that playground scene from Terminator II.

“Barefaced Lies and Bullshit Peace” utilizes that same catchy speed metal riffing and gruff vocal posturing, while “Out of the Fog” is pure melodic thrash—laser-sighted guitars cut a clean swath through a murky punk undergrowth."

Nevin / Genjing Records

"2011, three songs later. SS20 wind down the speed in the tracks. Don`t be afraid, the tracks are pissed, angry and will kick your ass."

Ronny / W.I.F.A.G.E.N.A. RECORDS

Live Information 2011/9/3 @ Zone-B

"Nearly Accused Rocking Madness Screaming Holocaust Vol.1"

Live at Zone-B
Open 6:00 Start 6:30

D-CLONE (Nagoya)
B.O.A (Fukushima)

Door only ticket 1,500 Yen + drink

Jul 13, 2011

GEEN NAAM the demo tape

I got a tape from Malaysian band called GEEN NAAM. This is a demo, but the recording condition is very good. The groovy guitar and bass sound blow my head. The tempo is high and so great the drumming is. They said in the letter that they started playing in 2005 and played with Nuclear Death Terror in 2010.